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Data-Powered Digital Marketing
We specialize in using data to supercharge your marketing strategy. Our go-to-market approach leverages cutting-edge martech and data-powered techniques to help you achieve your business goals.
Community builder & Brand Loyalty
Leverage big data to identify and engage your target audience within a new community. Our loyalty programs are design to incentivize contributions and foster ecosystem growth.
Web3 Innovation & Consultation
We offer consultation on web3 innovations like Metaverse and NFTs, helping you customize your go-to-market strategy to capture new generation interests and achieve product-market fit.

Our Philosophy

To become the go-to community maker and innovation partner in crimes for all business

Our Specialities

Business Development
Real Estate, Retail Development and Content Businesses with speciality in Gen-Z market & fandom.
Branding & Marketing
Experienced in social media strategy and brand development. Digital Media Culture enthusiast.
Data Science & AI
Data-powered marketing specialist, applicable for business performance, creative direction for brand building and marketing activation.

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